The Reed/DeMaio Pension Initiative

Q&A about the DeMaio/Reed Pension Ballot Measure

What does the "Voter Empowerment Act" really do?

Contrary to its misleading name, this ballot measure is a sweeping attack on the retirement security of teachers, nurses, firefighters, peace officers and other public servants.

The DeMaio/Reed Ballot Measure: It Goes Too Far

The ballot measure proposed by former San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed and former San Diego City Councilman Carl DeMaio is a dramatic attack on the retirement security of teachers, nurses, firefighters, police and other public employees. Disguised as the “Voter Empowerment Act,” the measure undermines benefits to existing and new employees.

LAO Analysis of Reed/DeMaio Measure

Pursuant to Elections Code Section 9005, we have reviewed a constitutional initiative related to compensation and retirement benefits for state and local governmental employees in California (A.G. File No. 15-0033).

Letter of Opposition to Chuck Reed's Proposed Pension Ballot Initiative


The Honorable Chuck Reed
Mayor, City of San Jose
200 East Santa Clara Street, 18th Floor San Jose, CA 95113

RE: Letter of opposition to your proposed pension ballot initiative

Dear Mayor Reed:

We are writing to express our opposition to your proposed ballot measure regarding the pensions of California’s firefighters, police officers, teachers, school employees, and other public employees.

Like most Californians, we believe pension matters are best decided locally and addressed at the bargaining table