Elias: No Wisconsin here, but California unions are taking cuts aplenty

Are public workers helping our communities and state balance their budgets? You bet. This Ventura County Star column takes a look at how public employees are making sacrifices to balanced budgets.

April 11, 2011
By: Thomas D. Elias

No Wisconsin here, but unions are taking cuts aplenty

No one in California politics believes this state is about to see anything like the unprecedented statehouse live-in occupation staged earlier this year in Wisconsin, where public employee unions faced the threat of losing not just salary and benefits, but their hard-won bargaining rights. "Of course that won't happen here," say anti-union Republicans like Stephen Frank, the former president of the arch-conservative California Republican Assembly. "The unions already own the state Capitol here."

By that, Frank and others mean that because public employee unions like the California Correctional Peace Officers Association, the California Teachers Association and the Service Employees International Union were among the largest contributors to Gov. Jerry Brown's 2010 campaign and also are prime funders of many Democratic state legislators, they will enjoy a free hand as long as their people stay in power. Read the full article here.