State worker group speaks out on pension reputation

May 04, 2011
By Nannette Miranda, ABC News

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KGO) -- Government workers and retirees, who call themselves the Pension Truth Squad, held signs outside the Capitol saying they don't own yachts, Bentleys, or even mansions. They're just average folks earning small retirement checks that average $2,200 a month, hardly the headline grabbing amounts given to high earners that have sparked outrage against public workers in general.

"We're just hoping to change that image by explaining the facts, which are that public employees are not lavishly paid and compensated in retirement," said Brent Meyer from the Peace Officers Research Association.

Inside the Capitol, an Assembly committee helped the group's cause by approving a proposal to end pension abuses, especially spiking where public employees pad their last check with unused vacation and sick time and even car allowances. The proposal was a result of the Bell scandal, where former city manager Robert Rizzo stood to make $600,000 a year in retirement. Read more here.