DontScapegoatUs.Com Launched to Counter Attacks on Public Employees and Retirees

For Immediate Release: Wednesday, May 4, 2011
DontScapegoatUs.Com Launched to Counter Attacks on Public Employees and Retirees

SACRAMENTO – First there were demon sheep. Now there are demon goats.
Californians for Retirement Security today launched a website,, aimed at legislators, a foundation funded by an out-of-state billionaire, the Little Hoover Commission, and others that are wrongly scapegoating public employees for California’s budget woes.
“Teachers, firefighters, school employees, and peace officers are being blamed for the budget deficit when we are doing more than our fair share to help the state and our communities balance their books,” said Dave Low, Chairman of Californians for Retirement Security. “Retirement benefits for public employees represent less than three percent of the state budget – a lower percentage than 30 years ago. We have endured furloughs and pink slips, we are increasing employees’ contributions to our retirement substantially and we are making concessions through collective bargaining.

“Proposed initiatives and legislation targeting retirement security simply amount to a Trojan horse for an assault on collective bargaining, workers’ rights and the middle class,” Low continues. “Make no mistake. This website is the first salvo in our fight against the right-wing interests attacking us.”
Among the “scapegoaters”: Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, sponsor of legislation to reduce retirement plans for public employees; former Schwarzenegger officials Dan Pellissier and David Crane, strong supporters of reducing retirement benefits for public employees; former Assemblyman Roger Niello, author of a 2012 ballot initiative; State Sen. Mimi Walters, author of a package of anti-pension bills; the Little Hoover Commission, which produced a widely-criticized report on pensions; and a mystery out-of-state billionaire, who has been bankrolling the efforts of the pension-busting Californians for Fiscal Reform Foundation.
Californians for Retirement Security is a coalition of more than 1.5 million public employees and retirees. The group’s executive committee includes: California Federation of Teachers; California Professional Firefighters; California School Employees Association; California Teachers Association; Orange County Employees Association; Peace Officers Research Association of California; Retired Public Employees Association of California; SEIU California, and SEIU Local 1000.