Public Employees Respond to Field Poll on Pensions

December 7, 2011

For Immediate Release
Wednesday, December 7, 2011
Californians for Retirement Security

Public Employees Respond to Field Poll on Pensions

Dave Low, Chairman of Californians for Retirement Security, on new Field Poll results about public employee pensions:

“It is very revealing that even after an intensive and sustained political campaign attacking public employees, about half of voters believe that public employee pensions are just right or too little while just four in 10 think they are too high. We believe voters have yet to hear meaningful details about the governor’s pension proposals to make an informed decision, and our own polling demonstrates that, given specifics, some of his proposals are very unpopular. Although voters might think it sounds unfair to single out new employees, it is illegal and unconstitutional to impair benefits for current employees. Given all the facts, Californians will not stand for our state government breaking the law and breaking promises to those who have dedicated their careers to serving the public.

Our goal remains simple: We will continue our hard work with the Governor and the Legislature on reasonable, common sense measures to sustain California's retirement system, rebuild our state’s working class, provide adequate retirement benefits, eliminate abuses and confront fiscal realities.”

Californians for Retirement Security represents 1.5 million public employees and retirees.